John Goulet - MCSHOF Inductee - 2008

Goulet played basketball for Ludington St. Simon in 1943 as a freshman. In 1944, his sophomore year, the Shamrocks defeated Ludington High twice. He attended an all-boys school in Wisconsin as a junior, playing football and basketball and then returned to Ludington and St. Simon in 1946. He began a long career in recreation sports in the summer of 1946, playing fast-pitch softball on the Ludington Moose Lodge team which won a state championship in Midland. In the fall of ’46, Goulet went to Marquette University where he played basketball for one year. He then moved to Muskegon and worked for Continental Motors, living at the YMCA and playing softball for Nord Bar and basketball for Hostess Café. In 1948, he was working for the City of Hart and playing basketball and softball for Hart Hodges and baseball for the Hart Merchants. “We played night baseball on Wednesday and Saturday and a doubleheader on Sunday afternoon,” said Goulet. “I played softball Tuesday and Thursday nights for Hart Hodges.” He returned to Ludington in 1950 and went to work for Dow Chemical. He also played basketball for Peterson Brothers and softball for the Eagles and ace pitcher Ralph Weinert. That team later became the famed Urka Eights who won a state championship in Iron Mountain. Goulet also played basketball under Coach Fred Adams for the Dow AC, a team that featured the Hankwitz, Ayers and Galinski brothers. He later played basketball for Gus’s Café and baseball and softball for Ferris Beverage. Altogether, Goulet played baseball, basketball and softball for 15 different teams. He also was a long-time official, working baseball, basketball and football games with Dan Boals, Scott Russell, Herb Nordquist, Dan Neil, Hal Madden, Al Medacco, and the Flaherty brothers from Manistee. Goulet also coached basketball at St. Simon for 15 years. He later became a very good golfer, winning the championship at Lincoln Hills Golf Club.