Board of Directors


Vic Burwell

Ed Miller

Vice President
Todd Hansen

Sharon McCumber


Bill Anderson
Gary Castonia
Rick Catt
Christy Christmas

Brian Dotson
Mike Hart
Kyle Gurzynski
Scooter Hankwitz
Adam Johnson

Les Johnson
Rob Killips
Mike Larsen
Jim Schulte
Kristy Stark

Kathy Surd
Theresa Shoop
Mike Winczewski                      Fabian Knizacky
                    Cheryl Swinehart

Past Board Members

David Bossick                                                                                                                                                                         Shelly Christmas                                                                                                                                                                 Dan Foote
Jim Jackoviak
Ron Johnson 

Rich Leonard
Brian Lundquist
Paul Peterson
Dan Neil
Phil Quinlan

Ed Papes
Jayne Reed
Jim Shoup
Estelle Stickney              Crystal D Young

Mike Urka
Tom VanBuren
Lloyd Wallace, Jr.
Ron Wood                          Robert Garrett                          Jim Virden                              Tim Stephens

Deceased Members

George Wilson

Rod Beckman

Hal Madden 

Mason County Sports Hall of Fame Vision Statement

“Recognize outstanding athletes & contributors.  Share memories, preserve legacies, instill life lessons, and add value to our community in unique ways.”

Mason County Sports Hall of Fame Mission Statement

The Mason County Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is a not-for-profit educational institution dedicated to honoring those who have made outstanding contributions to sports.
Its purpose is to:

  1. Honor, by enshrinement, those individuals who had exceptional careers whether as an athlete, a coach, or a team.
  2. Recognize others for their significant achievements whether as a sponsor, booster or supportive organization.
  3. Foster an appreciation of the historical contributions of these individuals and their impact on our area by collecting through donation, and exhibiting for a general audience, information, memorabilia, artifacts, literature, photographs and related materials which focus on area athletes elected to the Hall of Fame, in particular, and sports in general and by preserving these collections for future posterity.
  4. Inspire, educate and enhance awareness, through these exhibitions and collected materials, and create for a diverse audience an understanding and appreciation of our county’s Sports Hall of Famers and their heritage.