Will Flewelling - Life Spirit Award Honorees - 2022

Will Flewelling receives the initial “Beyond the Game Spirit Award” for 2022. Will's life exemplified what it means to take sports “Beyond the Game.” As an outstanding soccer player from Ludington High School, Will was a driving force behind the 2017 state runner-up soccer team. But it’s what Will did off the field that exemplifies his character. As a young man battling cancer, Will set up lemonade stands to raise funds for the Childhood Cancer Campaign. His lemonade stand raised over $10,000. He didn’t stop there. Upon his passing at the age of 20, his planned soccer tournament (which had over 350 teams) raised over $40,000 for the local cancer campaign. Even as he was losing his life, he remained strong in his conviction to help others. His relentless efforts to support others battling cancer, even as his own fight was drawing to a close, highlighted the six cornerstone qualities that make sports more than simply a game. The second annual soccer tournament, inspired by Will’s leadership, is currently being planned for August 6, 2022. His commitment to support the Childhood Cancer Campaign continues through the engagement of others and has formed a new tradition in Mason County.

As an active 4-H Member and Showman, Will lived by the 4-H Pledge: “I pledge My Head to clearer thinking, My Heart to greater loyalty, My Hands to larger service, My Health to better living, for my club, my community, my country, and my world.” Whether it be serving as an altar server at St. Simon Church, supporting local 4-H endeavors, or simply adding laughter to the people around him, Will’s personality added joy and compassion to our community.

It is common to walk the streets of Ludington and see “#WillStrong” shirts or bumper stickers. Facebook pages continue to contain “#WillStrong” emblems. Will’s passion, drive, and devotion moved an entire community. Those qualities certainly extended beyond the soccer field and beyond his cancer campaign.

In 2022, the inaugural year of "Beyond the Game Spirit Award", the Mason County Sports Hall of Fame is honored to name Will Flewelling as the first recipient of the award. Will, from this day forward, the legacy you created will be honored in the Mason County Sports Hall of Fame and your impact will continue to draw others to be the best they can be, “Beyond the Game.”