1921 Ludington Mariners Baseball Team - MCSHOF Inductee - 2021


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Professional minor league baseball had its birth in Ludington in 1912 but after three seasons, the organization like many minor leagues throughout the country, disbanded, a casualty of the World War I. Professional baseball received new life in Ludington in 1920 and at a higher level as the Mariners played in the Central League with opposing teams based in Grand Rapids, Muskegon and Kalamazoo through the next three-year stretch. After the first year, membership in the league would be anchored by the four original teams and then added Lansing and Ionia. Ludington finished its minor league history in 1926. A local player was extremely rare as Ludington’s roster was heavily dominated by players from afar. If local baseball fans could be transported back in time, they most certainly would want to be seated in the grandstand at Culver Park located near the waterfront during the 1921 season. This was minor league baseball at its best. This team played at a very high level winning the Central League with a record of 87 wins and only 42 losses and registering a winning percentage of .675, far out-distancing the second place Kalamazoo team whose record was 69-58. The Mariners were the class of the league in every performance area. This great team then qualified to play a post-season championship series against a team from Canada.